Why creating a Startup HUB for Education for Talent & Data for Good Startups?

LATAM market will require by 2020 near 450.000 software developers according to the IDC, and just in Mexico more than a 150.000 will be needed by then. On the other side, data can tell stories that change the world, hence, using data for the common good its increasingly becoming a way to have healthier, safer and more productive communities.

Accordingly, having the right skills for the digital economy, and applying those skills towards the creation of solutions for common problems of a community is the reason why we created the Startup HUB CDMX.

We believe entrepreneurs are world changers that can help solve the worlds most pressing issues, like having informed communities, skilled individuals for the digital economy, and conscious users of open data for common good. 

What is Startup HUB CDMX?

A program to strengthen startups working on "Education for Talent" and "Data for Good"!*

Startup HUB CDMX from Facebook by MassChallenge Mexico is a sprint designed program for startups aiming to close the existing skills gap in the digital economy, and startups that use open data for the common good, generating safer, productive and more healthier communities.

What are we looking for?

High-impact startups working on education for talent and data for good solutions.

Selected startups should:

  • Be able to pivot a solution aligned to their core business.
  • Have proven track record of building solutions that positively impact the economic growth of their communities.
  • Have demonstrated that their business concept is a viable and it can be a profitable one.
  • Have a revenue higher than USD $250.000 / MXN $4´700.000.**
  • Has at least received one investment or closed an investment round.
  • Seek to integrate Facebook solutions to strengthen their core business model.

Program Benefits

Accepted startups will get to the next level of growth thanks to:

  • A tailor-made 16-week sprint program designed by MassChallenge Mexico.
  • Access to world-renowned mentors & speakers.
  • FB Start Bootstrap track full benefits!
  • Access to Facebook for Developers tools and specialized mentoring to adopt their services.
  • Opportunity to pivot a solution aligned to the core business of the startup. 


*Education for talent: Contributing directly to training talent for the new digital economy and connects SMBs and startups with talent to create new jobs. Data for good: implementing technology and working alongside partners to generate insights that lead to safer, healthier, and more productive outcomes for individuals and communities. 

** We encourage all startups to apply. The revenue is going to be a selection factor during the judging process, but is not the only one, the determinant aspect to take into account will  will be the impact you have achieved in time