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MC | INNOVATE convenes a global community of innovators and entrepreneurs to encounter cutting-edge startups and expand the innovation hub in North Texas.

Our Speakers

Damon Cox Follow me on LinkedIn

Head of Next Practice & Inclusive Growth

Ash Maurya Follow me on LinkedIn

Author and Advisor

Josh Boger Follow me on LinkedIn

Executive Chair and Founder
Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, Vertex, MC Advisory Board Member

Michelle Bogan Follow me on LinkedIn

Founder and CEO
Equity At Work

Ashutosh Prasad Follow me on LinkedIn

Founder & CEO
KoiReader Technologies, Inc.

James Lancaster Follow me on LinkedIn

Solenic Medical

Jon Nordby Follow me on LinkedIn

Head of Ecosystem & Community

Romy Antoine Follow me on LinkedIn

CEO & Chief Wellness Officer
One Stop Wellness, Inc.

Tushar Sharma Follow me on LinkedIn

Founder & CEO
Vivifi Medical Inc.

Amanda Schnetzer Follow me on LinkedIn

Co-Founder and CEO
FirstThen Inc.

Christopher Sanders Follow me on LinkedIn

Managing Director

Vince Panozzo Follow me on LinkedIn

Senior Vice President, Client Partnerships
Hunt Club

Kyle Kertz Follow me on LinkedIn

COO/Managing Attorney
Verge Law

Session schedule

  • Building a strong culture from the outset is critical for startups. In this session, you will learn the 3-phase process and strategies for building an intentional and impactful culture. 1. Develop strategies to create a culture that nurtures innovation, embraces change, and fosters resilience. 2. Instill a growth mindset, which encourages continuous learning and adaptability, fundamental elements in the rapidly evolving start-up landscape 3. Create a framework to build an effective leadership team
    People and Culture: Building Strong Teams for Strong Investments
    Kim Zoller
  • Introduction to LEANSTACK and chat with Ash about his experience, what he’s seen and heard working with startups, etc. This will also be a working session where startups begin filling out their lean canvas
    Running Lean/LEANSTACK & the LEAN Canvas
    Ash Maurya, Author & Founder
  • Join us for an inspiring and thought-provoking kickoff session for the MC | INNOVATE conference, where we’ll delve into "The Transformative Power of Community: Doing Well by Doing Good." This engaging session features Fahad Khawaja, Founder & CEO of Hue, and will be moderated by Bryetta Calloway, VP, Global Marketing and Communications for MassChallenge.
    The Transformative Power of Community: Doing Well by Doing Good.
    Keynote session with Fahad Khawaja, Founder & CEO of Hue
  • Law firm experts will provide founders with important knowledge on best legal practices for startups and doing business in the U.S. for international founders.
    Global Growth: Legal and International Business Workshop
    Kyle Kertz, COO/Managing Attorney - Verge Law
  • Join us for an empowering and enlightening session led by industry expert Michelle Bogan on "People and Culture: Building Inclusive Teams". This session is specifically curated to provide the insights and best practices needed by founders and leaders to establish equitable and inclusive work environments. Michelle will delve into practical strategies for building diverse teams, fostering a sense of belonging, and cultivating a culture of inclusivity.
    People and Culture: Building Inclusive Teams
    Michelle Bogan, Founder & CEO - Equity At Work
  • Don't miss this dynamic panel discussion, "Community, Sales, Marketing, Oh My!: Customer Acquisition Panel Discussion," featuring insights from esteemed MassChallenge alumni. This session is an absolute must for anyone looking to hone their customer acquisition strategies. Our panelists, successful entrepreneurs who have navigated the challenging landscape of customer acquisition, will share their effective practices, hard-won lessons, and unique insights.
    Community, Sales, Marketing, Oh My!: Customer Acquisition Panel Discussion
    Ashutosh Prasad, Robert Kirk, Craig Lewis - Panel hosted by Bryetta Calloway
  • Learn from Vince Panozzo, an experienced advisor with a history of success in the healthcare technology industry. He’ll share his story of working for several startups in Sales, Management, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), startups, and Healthcare.
    Community, Sales, Marketing, Oh My!: Fireside Chat
    Vince Panozzo, Senior Vice President, Client Partnerships, Hunt Club
  • An energized person or organization imagines and builds differently than a drained one. But what if we had the energy to imagine & create the better systems we deserve AND maintain our personal well-being? During this interactive workshop, you will be guided through specific Energy Takeback practices inspired by 100+ people’s stories and which you can apply to your own life. Avoid burnout and get ready for an energy shift.
    An Energy Takeback Movement: Managing Your Energy to Reclaim Your Time
    Nydia Cardenas, CEO & Founder of Gildform