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18 months acceleration in 4 - Cash prizes - No equity taken

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We connect high-potential startups to experts, corporations & communities to deliver growth & impact. 

We will build on the successful of 2023 pilot, scaling the programme and expand the cohorts. We will again collaborate with the MassChallenge Switzerland partner Group (Bühler, Givaudan, dsm-firmenich, Louis Dreyfus Company, Omya, and Nestlé). We will be based in UEL in the Royal Docks, in East London.

The 2024 programme will focus on AI-enabled startups, however we will add a new track on sustainable bio-chemistry. As always, the programme will run from July to October.   

Startups in the UK programme will have the opportunity to compete for the no strings attached, non-dilutive prize money from MassChallenge Switzerland, and a special £10,000 prize to the best UK startup in the programme. 

The UK Startup cohort will again benefit from the MassChallenge Switzerland’s programme plus additional connection events with partners, and expert mentors in London. Acceleration will take place with boot camps in Switzerland, in-person events in London, and online activities throughout the programme. 



Siemens Bosch University of East London Royal Docks
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Louis Dreyfus Company Nestlé Omya  



The arrival of LLM’s and Generative AI has unlocked a world of new possibilities in traditional segments and industries. We welcome applications from Startups with technologies that have the potential to create a sustainable society and planet. In particular, but not exclusively:

AI-enabled startups, focused on:

  • Decarbonisation of Industry & Society;
  • Health & Well-Being;
  • Drug Discovery;
  • Food System Transformation;
  • Logistics, Mobility, and Energy Efficiency;
  • Manufacturing & Engineering.

Green & Bio-chemistry Startups, focused on:

  • Green chemistry (Biotech & electrolyzer technologies);
  • Green Hydrogen;
  • Valorisation of waste streams and waste gases (circular economy);
  • Generative chemistry.


Startups should have:

  • Impactful products, technologies; with the potential to drive substantial economic growth and to transform society. 
  • A concept that is viable; startups must be able to demonstrate traction amongst those participating in their solution, as well as how their idea is financially sustainable. 
  • A concept that is scalable; startups must be able to show how their solution scales and that their pricing is market competitive. 
  • Less than c.£3M capital raised and £3m sales; you do not need to be incorporated. What’s important is the impact, viability, and scalability of your idea. 
  • A strategic connection with the UK; based in the UK, have a UK presence or are focused on the UK as a market. In addition some physical accelerator events are in Switzerland and you should be prepared to travel for up to 10 days over 4 months. Additionally, you will be required to travel to London at different times during the Accelerator, but don’t worry, we will have an office space provided for you. The selection process will be carried out online, so no travel is needed before you are accepted.


  • Unrivalled access to +20 global corporate partners, totalling +£300Bn in revenue.
  • World-class mentoring from 400+ experts and tailored programming provided with no equity taken in return.
  • The opportunity to compete for up to CHF 1M in non-dilutive cash prizes. And a specific prize of £10,000 for the best startup in the UK programme. 
  • A proven model that has helped more than 65% of finalists raise funds during or immediately after the program.
  • Office space for the duration of the programme in the Royal Docks in London.


Click "Apply Now" below and fill in the form. It follows a standard pitch deck format, and if you know your strategy, it will take 30 minutes. 

Join the webinar on April 15, 5 PM (UK time) to learn more. 

Contact us at with questions, or check our frequently answered questions below. 

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What are the eligibility criteria? 
To be early-stage; under c.£3M in equity funding and £3M sales and to fit into one of the tracks mentioned above.

Do I need to incorporate in UK? 
Your company doesn’t have to be incorporated; however, you should have a presence in the UK or be able to demonstrate how the UK is a target market for your technology and your startup.

Will I have to come to Switzerland to follow the acceleration programme? 
Yes, you should be prepared to travel for up to 10 days over 4 months, to meet corporate partners, mentors, investors, etc. We’ve gathered together as many in-person events as possible so you don’t have to travel back and forth. These events are mandatory to ensure you benefit from this program.

Is the programme free?
Yes. MassChallenge does not charge a fee & no equity is taken. And you have the opportunity to win £10k in prize money as the best startup in the UK programme, and also to compete for up to 1M CHF from the Swiss Acceleration program. All cash prizes are no-strings-attached and non-dilutive. 

How much time to give per week? 
Between 1 and 2 days depending on the week and your objectives. 

Can anyone from my Team attend the in-person events? 

I'm not early-stage anymore. 
We think that it's not worth applying if you're significantly over £3Mn capital raised and £3Mn sales.

What's the difference between MassChallenge Switzerland and MassChallenge UK in this programme? 
MassChallenge UK is scaling operations in the UK, startups will attend and organising the physical events in the UK for the startups in the UK programme. MassChallenge Switzerland is organising physical activities in Switzerland and online that the startups in the UK programme will participate in.

How do I win the cash prize money? 
Startups will be judged in October on the basis of their pitch to an independent jury of experts. The highest-rated startup in the UK programme will win £10,000, no strings attached. The UK startups can compete with MassChallenge Switzerland's startups to win up to 1m CHF based on the quality of their pitch to an independent jury of experts.  

Will there be physical events in London? 
Yes, you will be required to travel to London for the Accelerator, but don’t worry, we will have an office space provided for you. 

DEADLINE - Applications close on Friday, April 26, 11:59 BST

Info Webinar on April 15, 17:00 BST, Register here.



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DSC09836_WEB©A.L Lechat

Kestrix, MassChallenge UK Winner 2023

Building upon the success of our 2023 pilot, we're aiming to onboard 20 startups in 2024. 🚀

Again this year, we're particularly interested in AI-enabled startups from the UK. Additionally, we're introducing a new track dedicated to sustainable bio-chemistry.

Explore the Program's benefits, as well as past Winner and new Managing Director stories here.



MassChallenge Switzerland is part of the global MassChallenge Network. Launched in 2016 as a non-profit startup accelerator, its mission is to help entrepreneurs add value to society. Together with their corporate partners and expert volunteer community, the Swiss team has accelerated over 720 startups, from 45 countries and awarded over CHF 2.5M in non-dilutive, no strings attached cash prizes to the very best startups.  These startups have gone on to raise CHF 1.2bn, creating 42,000+ direct and indirect jobs. 

We aim to replicate this successful model in Royal Docks and make MassChallenge a key component of a buzzing entrepreneurial ecosystem, creating jobs, economic growth, and opportunity across the surrounding region. 



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