The EIT Food Accelerator Network with MassChallenge is a multi-location accelerator that will support 40 high-impact food-space startups over a four month program. Selected startups will have access to a buffet of tools, connections, mentors and expertise to help them to succeed. At the end of the program, the best startups from all locations will be awarded €180,000 in equity-free cash prizes.

Program Benefits

Held in Germany, Israel, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, the EIT Food Accelerator Network with MassChallenge will make Europe the go-to innovation hub for the world’s most promising food space startups. At each location, start-ups will receive:

  • The opportunity to win up to €180,000 in equity-free cash prizes
  • Access to technology, pilot sites and international markets
  • Coaching and mentorship by leading food sector players and world renowned academics with specialized knowledge and skills to develop food sector innovation expertise
  • Both a broad entrepreneurship curriculum, and a food-focused syllabus, to equip food space startups with the knowledge they need to succeed

Eligibility Requirements

The EIT Food Accelerator Network with MassChallenge accepts applications from early-stage agri-food startups:

  • From anywhere in the world
  • That are set to make a big impact on any part of the agriculture or food supply chain
  • That have raised less than €500k in equity-based funding, generated less than €1M in revenue in the last 12 months (if a startup has exceeded these guidelines, we still recommend the startup apply to the program)

About the Application Process

It takes just six easy steps to apply for the EIT Food Accelerator Network with MassChallenge:

  1. Register as a user on

  2. Create your user profile

  3. Create your startup profile

  4. Pay the application fee* to access the application

  5. Complete your application

  6. Submit your application

* We charge a small ($99 USD) application fee to help make sure that only committed startups are applying to the program. We do this to reduce the burden our judges: everyone who applies receives written feedback from our judges. We can waive the application fee for some applicants. Please email us at for more information.