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BAE Systems Technology Mentorship Program
Applications close January 25, 2024
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Program Overview

MassChallenge has designed an accelerator program to identify entrepreneurs with novel technologies and provide a pathway toward technology development and partnership with BAE Systems through mentorship and curriculum to solve challenges faced by end-users.

The BAE Systems' FAST Labs Team and MassChallenge will select up to six, deep-tech, dual-use startups with a potential solution to solve at least one of the challenges below, aligned with BAE Systems' FAST Labs product lines. Selected startups will be invited to an eight-week, virtual program with curriculum supported by the MassChallenge innovation community and expert mentorship provided through technology leaders from BAE Systems.

Program Benefits

  • Introduction to pathways for partnership with the Department of Defense
  • Mentorship from expert technology leads from BAE Systems constituent business units
  • Access to the MassChallenge innovation ecosystem of investment and industry partners
  • Opportunity for joint technology development with BAE Systems

Eligibility Requirements

  • Headquartered in the United States or a U.S.-friendly country with a U.S. presence 
  • Technology readiness level (TRL) of 4 or greater 
  • Interest in scaling through both commercial & federal markets
  • Use case that addresses one of more of the challenges identified 

Challenge Areas

Multi-Domain Capabilities: 

  • Low SWAP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) hardware  
  • Self-contained, longer range (km) LIDAR for airborne surveillance, navigation, and targeting 
  • High Frame Rate multi-band camera sensing solutions  
  • AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) Apertures: Power amplifiers, broadband aperture components, and integrated assemblies 
  • Real-time data processing software 
  • Control interfaces for tactical and operational planning and mission autonomy 
  • Efficient ML (Machine Learning) training approaches using sparse and/or limited data sources

Cyber-Physical Superiority 

  • Identify, characterize, and understand systems operating in the cyber-physical space 
  • Deceive, degrade, deny, disrupt, and destroy systems through non-kinetic methods 

Hypersonics & Autonomous Flight Systems 

  • Unique challenges in autonomy and/or exploitation driven by the dynamics and time scales of hypersonic systems 
  • Real-time flight planning including guidance and navigation 
  • Electronics, sensors, and materials to survive extreme environments 


  • Heterogeneous, neuromorphic, AI-enabled, and analog computing architectures 
  • Secure processing, secure by design, cyber resilience, root-of-trust, anti-tamper solutions 
  • 50+ GHz transceiver and active array solutions 
  • Extreme environment electronics and space-hardened solutions

Materials and Manufacturing 

  • Manufacturing and assembling technologies for small volumes of reliable microelectronics and microelectronic packages that decreases the cost and time by an order of magnitude 
  • Packaging, 3DHI, interconnect technologies, and high performance materials that significantly increase functional density 
  • High-performance materials for power electronics

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The MassChallenge Advantage

MassChallenge’s proven methodology hyper-focuses on helping founders identify goals and key initiatives, providing access to a meaningful network of experts and mentors, while also providing connection to a deep peer network from across the global community. All for no equity and no strings attached. 

About BAE Systems

This effort is supported by the BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems Sector, FAST Labs Business Area, Technology Scouting Group:

Electronic Systems produces commercial and defense electronics for flight and engine control, electronic warfare, surveillance, communications, geospatial intelligence, and power and energy management.

FAST LabsTM pushes the limits of what is possible; to create advanced technologies that give our customers the edge they need to win and our employees the chance to change the world.

Technology Scouting group spearheads the company's mission to capitalize on external technology disruption and to increase the speed of innovation. We do this by creating strong, productive partnerships with high-tech businesses, local innovation ecosystems, universities, and investors. 

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All entrepreneurs are required to create a profile on the MassChallenge Accelerate Platform here in order to apply. Upon completion of a profile, individuals can select this program and begin their application.

For questions, contact Will Magruder, VP of Partnerships.